Why I’m Anti… Decal, that is…

A long long time ago, a kid I knew was 18 years old and loved competition car audio…  He spent countless hours, and tons of money, building a fantastic stereo system, with JL subwoofers, MB Quart door speakers, Rockford Fosgate amps, a Clarion cross over and head unit and toys and bells and whistles galore.  Everything he bought came with a beautiful sticker, which he proudly affixed to the back tinted glass of he Toyota Corolla station wagon.  He even had a large JL Audio sticker across his tinted stripe on his front windshield.  I had a pretty cool system, too…  One day we went to the mall and parked in the parking lot.  It was busy, so we were horribly close to the doors.  When we came back out a few hours later his back window was smashed out, his equipment was all gone, up to and including the head unit from his dashboard.  My car, which had an equal amount of equipment in it was sitting there unmolested.  That day I learned a valuable life lesson.  DON’T ADVERTISE.

I see stick figure stickers of family’s on cars and vans all the time.  Even including names and sports and hobbies.  Sometimes, the family has a vanity plate of the family surname, too.  Wow, to me that’s just arming any pedophile assailant with too much information.

Even as a member of the National Rifle Association, and owning many items that have come with stickers, none will ever grace my vehicle.  Not so much as a pro-gun bumper sticker.  I might need to go into a rest area to relieve myself, or park at a store, when something is inside that someone might find of value.  I also won’t put political ads on my car, as I have no desire to take a chance that the police officer who just pulled me over for 3 over happens to like the other side.

Not advertising, in this case, is a very smart decision.  Think about it.

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