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Don’t be a chicken….Bake one!

My first roast chicken from 2009.

My first roast chicken from 2009.

Mrs. Hoose here!

When I first met Jerod, boiling water was a challenge. Over the years, I’ve acquired a few skills. I’ll be sharing some of my tips with you.

Here is one that we will be using over the holidays….

Whole chickens used to be something I shied away from, until I figured out a fool-proof way to make them. Just like turkeys, they should thaw a full day in the refrigerator for every 4 pounds. Once the chicken is thawed enough to take the giblet pack out, I remove it so the bird can thaw faster. My favorite way to bake chickens is like this –

  • Put a cast iron skillet in the oven, put a tablespoon of butter in the bottom of the skillet, and preheat oven to 500 degrees.
  • Season bird inside and out and truss the legs.
  • If desired, cut up an apple and onion and place inside the bird.
  • When the oven comes up to temperature, grab the skillet and swirl around the butter so it covers the entire skillet.
  • Place bird in skillet breast side down and turn the oven back to 450, then continue baking. For the last minute of cook time, flip the bird over and bake it for 15 minutes at 500 degrees.

The chicken should bake for 15 minutes per pound, and the last 15 minutes are always done at 500 with the breast up. For example, a 5-pound chicken will bake for an hour at 450, then will bake for 15 minutes at 500. Perfectly brown and crispy chicken every time! No dry bird. No messing around with a meat thermometer. Best of all, no risk of people accidentally eating raw chicken.

Remove from the oven. After cooking, let the bird rest for at least 15 minutes. This works out well, as I can prepare most sides in that time frame. I have found that the Ove-Glove and similar products help a lot with this recipe, as cloth oven mitts don’t provide nearly enough protection.

America, NOT a “Christian Nation.” Never was. Never should be.

The time has come, once again, to debunk this whole “America (was founded as/is) a Christian nation. IT WAS NOT. The Separation Clause of The US Constitution, essentially, forbids the US government from ENDORSING or CONDEMNING religion. ANY religion. Do not confuse YOUR heritage for the history of this nation. We have freedom OF religion, not FROM religion. If you’re going to be honest you have to understand that our country was founded by people who were Christians, Atheists and Agnostics, all, who believed in mutual respect and freedom to worship as we see fit, on a personal level. Again, do not confuse YOUR heritage for the heritage of this nation. Even as a Christian I can understand and respect the facts. For more information, please read this article from Forbes magazine. By the same token, If, as a Christian, I wish you a “Merry Christmas,” suck it up and accept it with the love it was given, Buttercup, just as I will do when a Jewish friend wishes me Happy Channukah, or a black friend wishes me a “Happy Kwanza,” or an Athiest or Agnostic wishes me “Happy Festivus.” That person cared enough to respect you and offer you a greeting of joy. Happy Holidays!

.44 magnum still has it…

Ever got curious about something and started digging? I knew the .44 magnum 180gr JSP’s Remington makes hit hard. I started doing some research on them. Out of my Super Blackhawk they should hit 1600fps at the end of the barrel… That works out to 1023ftlbs of muzzle energy and 1181fps with 557ftlbs at 100 yards. Nice. But out of my Rossi 1892 with the 24″ barrel they clock out the end at a documented 2425 fps. That works out to 2350 ftlbs of muzzle energy. At 100 yards they are still moving at 1804 fps and carrying 1301 ftlbs of energy. When we shot up that server we were about 20 yards away. That means each shot that hit the server was clocking out at 2282fps and carrying 2081 ftlbs of energy. Or… A ton+ plus, per shot. It holds 12+1. This means that I carry 30,550 ftlbs of muzzle energy from my rifle… 6,138 ftlbs from my revolver… Without reloading, totally effective out too at least 200 yards with either, and well beyond with the rifle. At 500 yards the rifle is still holding over 800fps and over 225 ftlbs of energy. This makes me happy!


Took a nice little Star BM 9mm in on trade…


Did a little trading with a friend the other day.  I traded him a Charter Arms Off-Duty for this Star BM 9mm.  The Star needed a good cleaning, which is in process.  These little Stars are built rock-solid and actually are desirable because they shoot VERY well.  It’s a numbers matching import and upon receipt was in… 60-70% condition.  A good cleaning should push it to a solid 80%.  It has some finish and holster wear, but functionally is flawless.  I’ve actually shot this pistol before.  An old friend in Columbus also had a magazine for this, which is almost the Holy Grail of magazines right now, so I bought it and it’s being shipped up.  I think I’m going to have the wife do her deep spit and polish and I’ll post some photos when it’s done.  Nice little trade!

The worst part of Fibromyalgia…

I have Fibromyalgia. Among the many issues I deal with are chronic pain, irritable bowel, muscle rigidity and cramping, intolerance to temperature, and the worst one…

Chronic fatigue. Pain and I are old friends. I can deal with pain, usually I can even ignore it. Which I had better do since I am allergic to opiates and sodium naproxen. I’m left with some other NSAIDs and some experimental treatments. But let me tell you, sucking down 2 or 3 energy shots a day, taking b-vitamin supplements, ginsing and caffeine just sucks. So I spend a lot of time napping. Which is what I am going to go do now.


Hell Scenario – Kodiak Island

A friend presented this to me: You are covered in deer blood dropped in the middle of Kodiak island. You have the choice to carry non 4 non military firearms.. no reloads what would you take?

My response:

1) My Rossi Model 1892 in 44 magnum loaded with Garrett 310gr Hammerhead loads. 2) A Ruger Super Redhawk, also loaded with Garrett 310gr Hammerhead loads. 3) A Glock 20 loaded with 200gr Doubletap loads and a Ruger 10/22 Takedown with 38gr Minimag hollowpoints.