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The loss of a hero… Chris Kyle, USN SEAL Sniper



Last night was one of the most shocking nights of my adult life…  I saw a news article posted on Facebook stating that Chris Kyle had been shot and killed.  He was, allegedly, shot and killed by a former active duty Marine with PTSD whom he was attempting to help overcome problems resulting from the man’s service.  Not many details have been released as to the exact circumstances.  Another story goes into more details, but even they are withholding a lot.

Chris Kyle appeared to all of us who followed his public life as a moral, humble and just man.  He has 160 confirmed kills in his role as a Sniper, but was more concerned with the number of lives he saved than with his kill count.  He appeared often on TV and in print articles, as well as online, and wrote the book “American Sniper,” his autobiography of his service to this country.

More important now is that he leaves behind a wife and kids, who will need the support of this nation, his friends, and those who respected him.  In his honor, please consider purchasing a copy of his book so that his family will continue to be supported by his life’s work.  My heart breaks for them…  Chris Kyle served 4 tours and came home safely.  It’s a shame that his life was cut short by someone with, apparently, a broken mind, and who should have considered him a brother.

Fair winds and following seas to you, Chris.  Bravo Zulu on a life well lived.  You will not be forgotten.